Wash your Hair

Were you your hair every day? There are many facts and fables about washing your hair. What exactly is right and what is not? Often it depends on your own hair type and what you do with your hair in terms of styling. Your personal preference also plays a role.

Washing with shampoo is cleansing. Your hair gets fresher and it removes the natural hair fat, leftovers from styling products and all the other dirt. Your hair breaks easier and can dry out if you wash it too often. Fat and a bit of dirt in your hair is therefore very natural. Try to sit as little as possible on your hair with your hands and not brush it too often. Also use little greasy products. This means you do not have to wash your hair as often.


Especially with little sebum and thick hair it is good to wash your hair little. Most people can have one to three days without washing their hair . Only people who exercise and sweat and have very fine hair benefit from washing more frequently. If your scalp starts to itch, there is clear dirt in your hair or your hair is visibly fat, it’s time to wash your hair.


Which shampoo you use is again dependent on your personal preferences and your hair type. The needs of your hair can change. For this reason it can sometimes be good to change shampoo . Conditioner can be recommended for each type of hair. Do not use too much and only do it on the points and lengths. Remember to always rinse shampoo and conditioner well.

Matter of trying

The final choice of a shampoo is a matter of trying. It is important to keep in mind that your hair will not get too dry or tangles. In that case it is wise to try a different shampoo. To keep your hair healthy it is good to use a conditioner after you have washed your hair with shampoo. A conditioner restores the damage to the hair.

Number of calories in pizza

Pizzas are known as real calorie bombs. There are certainly pizzas available that contain more calories than you need one day. As long as you do not eat pizza every day, it is also not very bad to occasionally eat a high-calorie meal. Yet it is also possible to keep the calories limited. You can do this, for example, by choosing a not too big pizza that is invested in a skinny way. What are the pizzas with the least calories and which toppings can you choose the best?

Origin of the pizza

The pizza is originally an Italian dish, where it originated when the poor people started using their bread as a plate. Later on, the pizza originated from what we know now, a delicious crispy dough base topped with tomato sauce, meat, vegetables and cheese. There are variations on the pizza in different countries. So you see in America the famous pan pizzas, with a thick airy bottom instead of the thin crunchy Italian soil. The American pizzas are also richly invested with lots of cheese and meat. The lahmacun, a Turkish pizza topped with spicy minced minced meat and tomatoes, comes from the Middle East and is somewhat smaller and richly invested than American pizzas. There are many different pizza variations, which means that the number of calories per pizza can also vary enormously.

Which pizzas contain a lot of calories?

The number of calories in a pizza depends greatly on the size of the pizza and the toppings on it. For example, the large and rich American pan pizzas are often calorier than a simple Italian pizza with thin soil and simple toppings. The bottom of a pizza pan is thicker and fatter, so that this soil contains more calories. There is also a difference in calories between the large and rich pizzas of a pizzeria and the often somewhat smaller frozen pizzas from the supermarket. The use of fatty meat can also increase the number of calories on a pizza. Pizzas richly invested with salami or bacon are often caloric. It is better to choose a pizza with vegetables, fish, ham or chicken. Finally, a rich use of cheese can make a pizza a lot smoother.

Calories in pizzas

The differences in the number of calories between different pizzas can be large. The tables below show the number of calories in a whole pizza from Domino’s, New York Pizza and several Dr. Oetker variants.


Domino’s is an American pizza chain with more than 200 branches in the Benelux. The pizzas can be delivered or picked up. With Domino’s choice, there are different types of soils. The number of calories of medium, large and Italian pizzas are given in the table. If you opt for a pan of pizza or a cheesy crust-bottom, the pizza contains about 400 calories more than the medium version.