Beard Growth

Buy a handle for a good razor

You can not get out of it: in the shower you will get wet. Wet things are smooth, and think about a rubber handle for your razor before you stick it to your hand. That should ensure a reliable grip so you are less likely to slip and accidentally cut your face or other favorite body part. Edwin Jagger offers one for about € 40, which is reasonable when it comes to face safety.

If your rubber is not pleasant or beautiful, but still want to be able to shave safely, you can look for a handle with texture. Fendrihan makes classic-looking stainless steel handles with a texture of less than € 50.

Now that we are talking about stainless steel; make sure you dry your razor properly if it is not made of it. Shake the remaining water hard from the razor, and store it in a dry place where condensation will not pose a problem.

And remember that the rules for a good shave also apply in the shower. By applying it you save time, you make less mess, and the performance is still good. Start with the basics before you start to build your entire bathroom, or buy a completely new shaving arsenal . Find a suitable mirror, and make sure you can easily access your shaving gear. That way you leave the house with enough time to buy breakfast for your meeting, and in the evening you still look good enough for your social life.