Unknown fruit: Soursop

There are many types of fruit known and so there is quite a lot to choose. That does not detract from the fact that there are also enough fruits that are less known, the soursop is one of them. The sour taste of the sour bag can be known, because the fruit is increasingly used in the kitchen. What kind of fruit is it actually, what properties does the sour bag plant and how do you use the fruit in the kitchen?

Soursop, the basis

The soursop, officially Annona Muricata, is a plant belonging to the Annonaceae family and originating in Central America and the Caribbean. For example in the Amazon region you come across the plant a lot. Soursop is also known under the names ‘graviola’ or ‘guanabana’. Soursop is brought to other continents by the world’s conquerors such as the Portuguese, Spaniards and the Dutch. Among others to Africa and Southeast Asia.

It is an evergreen plant and can grow up to ten meters high. There are large dark green oval leaves that feel somewhat fleshy and flowers appear on the branches. The fruits are large and green to greenish brown in color. They can be as heavy as five or six kilos. The fruit has a bag-like shape and the casing is prickly.

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Health aspects

Not only the fruit can be used from a health point of view, also the leaves and flowers can be used in the form of, for example, tea.

Versatile fruit

Soursop contains vitamin B12, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. Soursop regulates blood sugar levels and if you have diabetes for example, you can benefit from the use of soursop. Drinking the juice from sod bag is also good for your intestinal flora and it stimulates the immune system. Furthermore, the acid bag leaves have a calming and soothing or even sleep-inducing effect. If you experience a lot of stress or are depressed, you can help the soursop.

The tea can also be used cooled to dab the face and neck. In addition, you can also put the leaves in a bowl of water overnight and use that water to dab the face. Furthermore, the leaf can also be squeezed out, all this has a calming effect. Finally, you can also put the acid bag leaves in a steam bath, which in turn has a fever-reducing effect.

Effective against cancer?

A lot is written about the fact that a soursop works well against cancer cells. The leaves would have powerful anti-cancer properties due to so-called phytochemicals in the plant. However, there is not enough scientific evidence yet.

Application in the kitchen

Sour sack is not always available everywhere in the Netherlands, but at the toko you are most likely to find the fruit. Do not buy too much, because one pound of fruit can be stored in one bag of sodas. You can best place soursop in the refrigerator (at the bottom of the vegetable drawer). Do you find the fresh fruits all too much hassle, soursop is in the reform shop also in powder form for sale, but then you miss the tasty taste of the fresh piece of fruit.


The fruit contains many seeds and although the fruit has a soft, sweet-sour taste and is quite refreshing in the mouth, it is difficult eating with those seeds. Sour bag will therefore often be consumed in juice form. But soursop is also refreshing in a salad. In that case, remove the seeds and add your small pieces of soursop to a summer salad. To balance the salad in terms of taste, add some walnuts and white cheese.

Soursop can also be processed in a smoothie. Add a dash of milk and some strawberries to make the whole thing a bit sweeter or some red berries to give it a bit more acidic bite. Furthermore, the acid bag also combines well with blueberries in a smoothie. Blueberries have a fairly neutral taste in the whole.

Cup of tea

This multifunctional fruit is also suitable for a cup of tea. You can pull both the dried soursop, the leaves, and the flowers. The tea has a bit of a sharp aroma. Cooled tea with an ice cube is nice during warmer days.

An ice cream in a long drink glass

Soursop is also a treat in a kind of ice cream. Remove the seeds and divide the soursop into small pieces. Add some lemon juice and some sugar water and let it cool in the refrigerator. The whole adds a little bit. Serve in a long drink glass and add some ice cubes.


Soursop is not a familiar piece of fruit, but that does not make him less tasty. It is a refreshing fruit that also has a positive effect on health. As an extra advantage, the leaves and flowers can be used in addition to the fruit.

Hemorrhoids, a Nasty Disease!

Everyone has hemorrhoids! Did you know that? Stuffed hemorrhoids are a nasty ailment and all in an unpleasant place. What are they actually, how does it arise and what can we do about it?

An average of 50% of the US population is confronted with hemorrhoids that have been set up. It is not at all something that needs to be shocked, but often this happens. That is why you will find below all information about this unpleasant condition.

What are hemorrhoids?


Everyone has hemorrhoids! Hemorrhoids are swelling bodies, also called tissues with blood vessels. These swelling bodies close the anus air and leak proof. When these hemorrhoids regularly come under high pressure as happened during a blockage or during hard pressing, the pressure in the blood vessels increases. This causes the hemorrhoids to set up and can cause itching and burning. We then speak of a hemorrhoid in the vernacular. Actually a false name. When we talk about hemorrhoids, we mean basically called hemorrhoids. For the sake of convenience, hemorrhoids are also discussed in the rest of this article.

Pregnant and hemorrhoids

How is it possible that so many pregnancies are associated with hemorrhoids? The growing pressure on the uterus creates extra pressure on the intestines. This can delay the bowel movement, which means that pregnant women often suffer from congestion and hard stools. And it is precisely these two things that often cause the development of hemorrhoids.


You may suffer from hemorrhoids without knowing it. You only notice it when the symptoms occur. What are the symptoms?
Pain and possibly. blood loss during bowel movements
Visible stripes of blood on the toilet paper when ‘cleaning’
Itching around the anus
Irritation around the anus
Burning sensation around the anus
Bumps on the wall of the anus
A sagging or bulging of one of the hemorrhoids, this sagging to outside the body.

Two types of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be divided into 2 categories:
Internal hemorrhoids: these lie on top of the sphincter of the anus and are not very painful. They can come out with the stool. Then you can push them back in with your finger.
External hemorrhoids: when the hemorrhoids have dropped outside the anus, we speak of external hemorrhoids. This gives an uncomfortable pressure around the anus. The symptoms of pain and itching during the bowel movement then also occur.

To the doctor?
Because hemorrhoids often occur, it is not necessary to go directly to the doctor. You can often get rid of the complaints yourself with good care of hemorrhoids. In a number of cases it is advisable to go to a doctor. That is when there are chronic hemorrhoids, sudden severe pain around the anus, fever and regular blood in the stool.

Self-care Products

There are various remedies and ointments available at the pharmacy or pharmacy against hemorrhoids and their care.
HemoClin Gel: for treatment of internal hemorrhoids. This gel directly relieves the symptoms by the cooling effect.
HemoClin Spray: this spray is ideal for external hemorrhoids. It is hygienic and easy to apply. This can be done at any time of the day. Can also be combined with the HemoClin Gel.
A. Bird hamamelis ointment: this ointment helps quickly and effectively in hemorrhoids without blood loss. After washing your bowel, you wash your anus with cold water and then apply the ointment. This hemorrhoid ointment contains only vegetable ingredients.

Number of calories in pizza

Pizzas are known as real calorie bombs. There are certainly pizzas available that contain more calories than you need one day. As long as you do not eat pizza every day, it is also not very bad to occasionally eat a high-calorie meal. Yet it is also possible to keep the calories limited. You can do this, for example, by choosing a not too big pizza that is invested in a skinny way. What are the pizzas with the least calories and which toppings can you choose the best?

Origin of the pizza

The pizza is originally an Italian dish, where it originated when the poor people started using their bread as a plate. Later on, the pizza originated from what we know now, a delicious crispy dough base topped with tomato sauce, meat, vegetables and cheese. There are variations on the pizza in different countries. So you see in America the famous pan pizzas, with a thick airy bottom instead of the thin crunchy Italian soil. The American pizzas are also richly invested with lots of cheese and meat. The lahmacun, a Turkish pizza topped with spicy minced minced meat and tomatoes, comes from the Middle East and is somewhat smaller and richly invested than American pizzas. There are many different pizza variations, which means that the number of calories per pizza can also vary enormously.

Which pizzas contain a lot of calories?

The number of calories in a pizza depends greatly on the size of the pizza and the toppings on it. For example, the large and rich American pan pizzas are often calorier than a simple Italian pizza with thin soil and simple toppings. The bottom of a pizza pan is thicker and fatter, so that this soil contains more calories. There is also a difference in calories between the large and rich pizzas of a pizzeria and the often somewhat smaller frozen pizzas from the supermarket. The use of fatty meat can also increase the number of calories on a pizza. Pizzas richly invested with salami or bacon are often caloric. It is better to choose a pizza with vegetables, fish, ham or chicken. Finally, a rich use of cheese can make a pizza a lot smoother.

Calories in pizzas

The differences in the number of calories between different pizzas can be large. The tables below show the number of calories in a whole pizza from Domino’s, New York Pizza and several Dr. Oetker variants.


Domino’s is an American pizza chain with more than 200 branches in the Benelux. The pizzas can be delivered or picked up. With Domino’s choice, there are different types of soils. The number of calories of medium, large and Italian pizzas are given in the table. If you opt for a pan of pizza or a cheesy crust-bottom, the pizza contains about 400 calories more than the medium version.