boiler replacement guide

So its come that time, and your boiler has finally given up. there are several factors that you will need to consider and a process you will need to follow in order to get the right product, for the best boiler replacement cost and fitted by a qualified installers.

Find an installer

You will need to find a Gas Safe registered engineer with the correct qualifications to carry out a survey of your house and provide you with advice on the type of boiler you need for heating and hot water requirements. The engineer will examine your existing central heating system in order to ascertain whether or not you need any boiler replacement pipework or controls to be upgraded in order to meet the latest regulations, they will be also taking into account the number of rooms in your home, the number ow windows, and the insulation in order to calculate the output of boiler to suite your needs. It is recommended that you shop around and get at least three quotes from installers before you make a decision.

Schedule the work

Once you’ve accepted a quote for your boiler installation, your engineer will schedule the work. Straightforward installation of a combi boiler typically takes around a day. They should also carry out a power flush of the system to get rid of all the debris in the system.

You won’t need to be around while the work is being carried out, but it’s a good idea to make yourself available at the start and finish of the project. At the start you can meet the installer to fully understand the extent of the work. When the installation is complete, the installer will complete the Benchmark checklist to show you how the boiler works and how to operate the controls properly.

Boiler registration

When the boiler has been installed, you have 30 days to register it. Registering the boiler is a requirement of the warranty.

Baxi boilers must be registered by your Gas Safe registered installer, so for your own peace of mind, you may want to direct them to

If the new boiler is a Baxi Ecogen – or if you’ve installed any other form of renewable technology – you’ll also need your installer to register you on the MCS database and supply a certificate.

Keep the certificate safe, as your energy supplier will ask to see it when you start claiming your Feed-in Tariff payments.

Start your boiler installation process today by finding a local installer.

search engines, Google Vs Bing

Google versus Bing. in today’s society it is a big as a rivalry as you can get, think on the scale of black versus white, coke or Pepsi, wrong and right. may people don’t see any differences between these two mammoths of search engines at all, they both allow you to search the web, bringing back to the user, news, articles websites images and videos. both in an organized and visibly aesthetic way. so what exactly is the big deal about who can do what and so on…

Bing Vs Google

a lot of people will use whatever falls to them, switching if necessary without a second thought and sometimes not realizing that they are now using Google when they began their search for their new house on the hills on Bing. on the other hand you have users who are loyal to one or the other, who refuse to the other search engines, they find flaws and so many negatives in regards to the rival search engine whilst achieving a sensing of trust with their sear engine as they feel it has so many positives and is molded in to a way that is almost specific to their needs and can help with London SEO

There is no doubt who comes up on top on paper besides looking at what individuals think. there is no doubt that Google dominates all. in actual fact 66% of all searches are generated from the Google search engine, whereas 16% of searches come from Bing, this is a big difference almost 5 fold.

we done a quick review to see possible why Google achieves and retains so much of the market then Bing or any other search engines like, yahoo and others. we focused on a number of things, such as ease of finding a particular site, speed of search, how much spam is brought up as well as others, such as how good SEO in london is completed Read more here

a typical search involves looking for a page on a specific website already known to the user, to give an example imagine looking for upcoming signings for your favourite football team during pre season, you might initially visit Bing or Google to find this. they would hope that this would direct them to the main website for their team or you could call it official website for their team, . we tested which search engine was better by entering in a keyword with the name of the team as well as a quick message and attempted to find large or small sites that are ranking that offer the information that is valuable to what the sure is looking for

spam is a big problem on the internet websites full of junk with third parties trying to sell you more junk, avoiding spam is more of a problem, if perhaps you are searching for medial terms it can open you up to a world of spam..with third party sites selling things like black market pills, and pharmaceuticals like Viagra, so it would be good to know what search engine protects you the most form these awful hindrances

paleo diet menu 1

it is hard for us to be continually coming up with new and original ideas for our paleo diet and stop ourselves from slipping off the wagon so to speak. A lack of variety in the paleo diet could cause even the most devout paleo dieter to want to pack it all in and reach for a cheeseburger.

my goal is always to make it easier for people to better understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, and also to understand what it means to eat paleo on a day to day basis. the best way i can do this is to represent it in a sample paleo diet plan representing a two weeks worth of food. this will help you to stick to the rules of the paleo diet 

a paleo diet meal plan like the following can easily be stretched out to four or even five weeks because there will be leftovers after just about every dinner as well as some of the lunches which can be used whenever you so desire during the rest of the week or simply frozen for a later date. this has the added bonus of saving you from having to prepare food for every single meal. some of these meals are going to need a fair amount of prep, however most can be prepared a day in advance to make things a bit easier on you.

The sauce presented here is a bolognese sauce that’s hearty and thick. It’s not a runny sauce and is has a lot of meat and vegetables. For this reason, it’s better to use plum tomatoes that are very meaty. If you don’t have your own garden tomatoes, you can go with the Italian canned tomatoes. The San Marzano tomatoes are a controlled kind of tomatoes and true San Marzano tomatoes can only come from San Marzano in Italy and are very meaty and tasty. The price point for these tomatoes is higher, but the resulting sauce will be much better.

The recipe for the sauce is for about 8 servings, just so you can at least have some left overs. I encourage you to do a big batch and to freeze what’s left for a later use. Use about 2 medium to large spaghetti squashes for 4 people.


  • 1 Lb ground grass-fed beef. (the fattier the better);
  • 2 tbsp butter, lard, tallow or duck fat;
  • 1/4 cup chopped bacon;
  • 1 large onion, chopped and diced;
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced;
  • 3 carrots, diced;
  • 2 celery sticks, diced;
  • 2 tsp dried oregano;
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste;
  • 1 bay leaf;
  • The equivalent of 2 cans whole meaty tomatoes;
  • Optional heavy cream (makes the sauce less acidic);
  • Optional salt and pepper to taste;
  • Fresh parsley for garnishing.



drains flooding

Drain flooding

The plumbing within your home has been part of your house most probably since it was created, chances are then unless you have a newly built home that your drainage system is very aged and old. The older your system the more likely it is that it will have issues and need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced. Drainage repair comes at a cost that could possibly be hefty depending on a varying factors which we will discuss and go through here

The are several reason that a drain or pipes serving your drain may get damaged or need a service, a sudden change of climate can have a detrimental effect on pipe work as the pipes can swell up and cause obstruction, reducing the amount of water that can flow or the opposite increasing the amount of water causing flooding. you may need to call local drain services


This can be worsened by the misuse of pipes and gully’s as people insert products and materials in sinks and toilets that should not going down your pipe work which increases the danger of the flooding of your system

During heavy rainfall the rain can mix with the raw sewage running through your pipes especially in London where both the rain gutter is combined with the sewer to make one system, water filling up in this due to the adverse weather can lift with it as it overflows raw sewage which is both unpleasant to smell as well as highly toxic

Although the drainage system is built for the purpose of being able to handle this sort of occasion there will still be times where it gets too much and other aspects will have to be looked at in order to deal with the situation at hand.

What happens if a public sewer is flooded?

If a public sewer or drain is blocked or flooded, the government begin a clean-up of the area where the flood occurred, which isn’t at all at a cost to you or your neighbours, this is usually completed within 48 hours if possible, depending on the size and of the drain affected and if flood water has fully drained away

In this case an additional 48 hours may pass before it is possible to amend the problem, the service that takes place includes a thorough use of the following

Clearing the area of all litter and rubbish, removing all waste from the basements and surrounding area as well as a complete disinfection of the entire area to prevent the spread of any possible diseases found at the site of the drainage system

It is also possible to have an even more thorough clean up service if you were to make a claim through your house insurance, if this is something you would like to look in to then you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible to get information

The weather may have some effect on how long it will take for your drain system to be sorted out, so bear this in mind at all times

Dentist guide to brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth with fluoride  toothpaste twice a day  is the best way to keep your mouth health and free from bacteria.

if your teeth aren’t brushed frequently or inadequate you will get a build up of plaque, which is a film of bacteria, that lies on the surface of your teeth, plaque if not treated can cause all sorts of dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and cavities. which may require dental surgery  and a visit to Walpole street practice for dental implants.


when is best to brush my teeth ?

It is recommended by doctors and highly trained dentists that you should brush your teeth for a duration of 2 minutes twice per day, once at night and once in the morning, this is the best way to keep your teeth and gums clean as well as healthy free form the need of surgery like dental implants. it is also suggested that you brush one further time during the day at whatever time you choose, usually one hour after a meal, you are warned not to brush teeth straight after a meal especially if the food you’ve eaten contains a lot of acid, the acid in the food softens the protective enamel layer of your teeth and in actual fact can brush away whilst brushing your teeth.

using the right tooth paste specifically for you is very paramount, it should have the correct amount of fluoride concentration in the formula of the toothpaste chose. in order to check if it has the right amount of concentration of fluoride it is recommended that you simply check the packaging of the toothpaste bough to find out how much exactly it contains

it is stated that children under the age of 3 should use a pea sized amount of tooth paste on their brush  and that it should contain no less than 1,000 parts per million fluoride

children age 3- 6 again should use a pea sized amount of toothpaste containing 1350-1500ppm  fluoride

and adult to use a paste that has 1350ppm fluoride

it is possible to be prescribe a higher concentration of fluoride in toothpaste by either your doctor or dentist, if he or she sees it fit

What sort of tooth brush should I use? 

a tooth brush with a tiny head that’s is small and square is recommended for adults, the to toothbrush should be slightly angled  and have small thin and delicate bristles, which reduces the amount of bleeding gums and problems like this. an electric tooth brush is optional the benefits of having an oscillating head is that it is proven to remove more plaque then a manual one does, have a look in your local supermarket

what about mouthwash? 

mouth wash is said to be able to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems such as the need for dental implants, it too has fluoride in it, which does the same job as tooth paste, it I suggested not to use it straight after brushing, but in an isolated time of the day for the best results