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Natural Hair Conditioner

Taking care of hair is something work that should be done to produce a beautiful and healthy hair. What happens if you never treat your hair, the hair will be damaged, dull and reduced confidence in the mix. Hair care should be done consistently if you want to look good in front of others. Hair care was done by instant, natural or with drugs. One way is with conditioner hair care, conditioner is in need in hair care. Better yet, by using a natural conditioner. Therefore, this time I will share to you about natural hair conditioner.

When you are performing maintenance on hair, maybe you are not aware if the primary key so beautiful and healthy hair is located on the humidity is always awake. Therefore, the hair is always moist, not dry and dull, it must use a conditioner regularly. And it would be nice if we use conditioner it is a natural hair conditioner, we can make yourself easily.

How to make Natural Hair Conditioner

Here’s how to make natural hair conditioner that you can try for yourself:

conditioner for hair that difficult to set

How: Take one lemon, squeezed and mixed with a quarter cup of olive oil and two eggs. Wet the hair and scalp, then apply the mixture on the hair evenly. And allow hair to dry then rinse with clean water.
Conditioner for hair breakage and damaged
The trick: make conditioner with yogurt. Mix plain yogurt with a small package items egg white and one tablespoon of honey. Apply on the hair is still wet. Let stand for about five minutes then rinse with clean water.
Conditioner for dry hair
How: create a mixture of two tablespoons of mayonnaise with one avocado. Stir until evenly avocado texture was soft. Then apply on the hair when wet, as he gave a light massage (mild shampoo). Then let stand about 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
How? easy is not how to make natural hair conditioner, so we do not need to buy another conditioner that can also contain the chemical conditioners. Always treat your hair because it is your crown.

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